New Hope Ministry

Building Community, Restoring Hope

Our New Hope Ministry classes are a chance for us to build community as we learn life skills together over the 12 week session. Each class is designed to restore hope, to deepen relationships, and to share the light of Christ in our community.

Prayerfully, through our time together we will “improve all New Hope Ministry community member’s quality of life through community, education and a deeper walk with Jesus.” Whether you take a class, lead a class, or are hanging with us in another way — we can ALL learn from each other and grow deeper in our faith in the process.

Interested in joining our next session?

Let us know! Sessions begin in early February and early September – connect with us now! Share your interest through the button below or email any other questions.

Affirming Potential

Do you know that God gave you unique abilities and potential?

Affirming Potential is designed to help you evaluate your life and dream about what it could be like, over the course of 12 weeks. Through this video and discussion-based class, you will receive encouragement and learn how to set and achieve goals. These will help you move ahead in life and live out your God-given potential and get moving toward a brighter future!

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Faith & Finances

Do you know God’s purpose for your money?

Come discover it with us through Faith & Finances – a financial education ministry for people who:

Sound like you? Come join us for our 12-week Faith & Finances class as we discover God’s design for our money! Along the way, we’ll laugh, eat together, and learn from one another.

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How are the relationship in your life?

Do you focus so much on being loving and taking care of others that there is nothing left for you? Can you say “no” and still feel like you are a good person? You have to own your choices and responsibilities if you are going to have control of your life.

Join us for a 12 week journey exploring healthy Boundaries in our relationships. We will build friendships as we learn when to say “yes” and how to say “no”.

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Community Bible Study

Why is a Community Bible Study Important?

To equip Believers and new Christians with the Word of God until the Holy Spirit plants them in a local church.
“I see this as a needed GAP Ministry and the logical next step in addressing New Hope Ministry’s core value of improving all community members quality of life through community, education and a deeper walk with Jesus.” ~Pastor Williams

Whether you are new to the Bible or have been walking with Jesus for a long time, join us for a “Believers Basic Training” and learn together!

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Volunteer Equipping

Learn more, love better!

Love INC is passionate about equipping volunteers to serve our community better – whether through Love INC or wherever else God has placed you! This discussion-based class explores the DNA of Love INC, our mission, our values, and how God called us to serve within His kingdom. We learn skills such as recognizing and setting safe boundaries and listening skills to help us as we build relationships with our neighbors. We explore some of the economic challenges our neighbors may be facing. We will discuss how to engage in ways to serve with these new learnings.

Open to new and/or seasoned volunteers, as well as anyone ready to gain skills for where God has placed them to serve.

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Occasional Workshops

Budget Basics

Our short, 3 week course on budgeting and money management. If you’re ready to improve your financial health, we’re ready to help!

Kitchen Essentials

Learn tips for healthy eating on a budget. Can you feed a family of 4 for under 20? We can help you learn how!

Basic Car Maintenance

Learn the basics on how to keep your car running smoothly, how to perform some basic maintenance yourself, and when to take it in to the shop.


Get connected to a community of parents supporting each other through the joys and struggles of raising healthy, happy kids.

New Hope Ministry Frequently Asked Questions

We all need community! We each come from different backgrounds and life circumstances, and are experiencing different challenges. No one should have to walk through these seasons alone. Love INC’s New Hope Ministry is a safe, nurturing environment for people who want to learn life skills to improve their circumstances. Christian volunteers from our network of churches act out their faith by sharing time to serve meals, provide child care, lead classes, walk alongside as a mentor, or serve as prayer warriors.

We offer a variety of classes to help you learn skills to meet your particular challenges. Depending on what is most pressing in your life, you may find it helpful to begin in one area, then transition to others as you grow and change. And maybe you will choose to volunteer as part of our New Hope Ministry evenings in the future too!

We begin each evening with dinner, building relationships by breaking bread together. Child care is provided during class time, allowing parents and guardians the chance to focus on their learning.

At the end of every semester, we throw a graduation celebration to recognize the accomplishments of our community!

Anyone who feels ‘stuck’ and is ready to do the work to make some changes in their life OR anyone wanting to learn new skills to better the life for them and their family is welcome to attend, regardless of your religious beliefs. Please know that the volunteers and staff who lead New Hope Ministry believe in Jesus Christ as our Savior and we are forthcoming about our beliefs.

We want you to be successful and volunteers from our churches truly care. To demonstrate your care and respect for our community, we expect you to:
1) Arrive on time,
2) Fully participate in class each week, and
3) Complete any homework assigned by their instructor or mentor.

Volunteers from area churches serve as facilitators and discussion leaders for each class. Many have received extra levels of training in the area in which they provide instruction. Most have experienced the pains and strains of making their own lives better, and are passionate about sharing the tools that worked for them.

Childcare is available for kids while the adults attend classes, up to age 12.

Our childcare team is made up of volunteers from our partner churches who love children and love God. All adults who work with the kids are screened and background checked to ensure your children’s safety.

Each evening, you will check your kids in and out with our children’s ministry team. Each child will need to be checked in and out by same parent/guardian at the beginning and end of each night. The first night may take a little longer than normal as we get to know your family, so please go to the check in directly after dinner to ensure you will be on time for class.

As Christians, we strongly believe that we are to help others who are in need. We share our time and our knowledge because Christ gave so much for us. Our churches want New Hope Ministry classes to be available to anyone who is ready to put forth the energy to change their life for the better.

Share your contact information through the ‘I’m Interested’ button on the top of this page or through this link and let us know which class interests you! We will contact you to invite you to the next semester.

At the beginning of each semester, we will ask you to complete a contact/photo release form, either electronically or paper. Both new and returning participants and volunteers must fill out the contact/release form at the start of each session.

Prior to the start of each semester, you will receive an email and/or text messages reminding you about the class time and host church’s address.

When you arrive at the host church, you will meet our greeter team and check in at the door with your photo id. Once you are checked in, head to the fellowship hall for dinner! You’ll pick up your nametag(s) here as well. This is where we get a chance to build relationships together, while sharing a fantastic meal provided by one of our partner churches.

Shortly before class begins, we’ll share any announcements that need to be made and parents will check their kids in with the childcare team.

Classes end promptly at 8pm. Parents will check their kids out with the childcare team. We’ll all depart with new learnings and deeper friendships!

For the first week, bring something that you can take notes with (pen/paper or your phone’s notes app).

Most classes will have syllabus, handouts or a workbook for you to bring each week as well.

To respect the class and allow everyone to focus, we will ask you to silence your cell phone during class time.

Participants are allowed 1 excused absence for the quarter. Further excused absences and any unexcused absences must be made-up outside of class time according to the facilitator’s direction.

Students who are unable to complete course requirements and graduate may reenroll for the same class in the following quarter, if it is offered. In this case, the student must complete all requirements as normal. No partial credit will be granted for the previous quarter’s participation.

Please email Barb, call her at 847.782.8630 x111, or text our New Hope Ministry text-only line 847.469.4011 to confirm the start date.

We also send out reminder emails and/or texts each week before class, times, and host church location. If your phone number and/or email has changed, please let us know so we can update your info and keep you in the loop.

Please let us know as soon as you are able. If you know ahead of time, please let your facilitator know.

If it is a last minute situation, please email Barb or text the New Hope Ministry text-only number 847.469.4011.

We will make a decision about cancelling by 3 PM on the day of class. We will text and/or email all participants to inform you of the change.

If your phone number and/or email has changed, please let us know so we can update your info and keep you in the loop.

At this time, Love INC is unable to offer transportation to our classes. We encourage you to car pool, if possible, or investigate public transportation options. First Presbyterian of Waukegan is located at 122 N. Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive, between Washington & Grand. Either Pace Bus #565 (along Grand) or Pace Bus #572 (along Washington) might be options.